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“VIBO has been enlarging its production range for some years now, but we had reached a limit as we were unwilling to produce hot forged products due to a lack of experience in this technology. However, the desire to expand the range into this selection of products was still there.
So when Marco asked me about adding hot forged bigger bolts to our stock, I immediately said: Yes, let’s start the new company.”

R. Bontempi, CEO Bontempi VIBO


The Bontempi Group is the only one able to satisfy the most different market requests at once.
While Vibo is leader since more than 50 years in the cold forging of carbon and stainless steel small to medium size parts, Fram was born to complete the range: Fram fills that gap, thanks to hot forging, in the lengths over the 300mm and the bigger diameters.

From M5 to M64, from cold to hot forging, from DIN standard parts to those according to drawings, including the structural bolts: in Bontempi Group the range is a really full one.

  • Disponibilità di range da M5 a M64, secondo norma o su specifica del cliente.

  • Doppio sistema di stampaggio a freddo (VIBO) e a caldo (FRAM).

  • Ampia gamma di set HV carpenteria grezza e zincata a fuoco.